»The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.«
(H. P. Lovecraft)

Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890 — 1937) is considered as one of the leading writers of dark and horror fiction of the 20th century. He died at the age of 47 leaving only a small body of literary work. Yet his influence on various genres like horror, fantasy and science fiction can hardly be overestimated. The number of Lovecraft-related projects in art, music, games, movies etc. is enourmously growing. And one of these projects is called ARKHAM ANGST! — a combination of weird sounds and illustrations based on the stories of H. P. Lovecraft.


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Note: Please listen with headphones or in stereo

A lot of you Lovecraftians out there will be familiar with Julia Morgan’s readings of HPL’s stories. We’re glad she allowed us to use her version of "Nyarlathotep" for this piece of sound. The prose poem was written around fall/winter 1920 and first issued in the "United Amateur" 1920/1921. The text is based on a dream by Lovecraft and has a very suggestive intonation. Check out Julia's complete reading of the story on her YouTube channel: Morgan Scorpion Nyarlathotep

The Dreams in the Witch House

Note: Please listen with headphones or in stereo

Our spoken word artist Koert did a great job introducing this disturbing short story that mixes traditional horror motives with pledges of science. "The Dreams in the Witch House", a homage to the ancient town of Arkham, was written in early 1932 and first published in the July 1933 issue of "Weird Tales".

The Temple

Note: Please listen with headphones or in stereo

The piece starts with Kaiser Wilhelm's fatal public adress "An das deutsche Volk" (To the German people) from August 6, 1914. The following words are the opening lines as told by narrator Karl Heinrich, Graf von Altberg-Ehrenstein.


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The Dunwich Horror

The Festival

The Dreams in the Witch House

Introducing the staff…

Klaus (*1967)

Music and Sounds

Klaus Staendike is a qualified nurse but now working in the wide field of the media industry. He has been involved with music, sounds and Lovecraft since the 1980's. Klaus has a faible for all kinds of sounds, especially experimental and noise music. Listen to some of his compositions on his website.

Axel (*1975)


Axel Weiss, designer and illustrator. He read his first Lovecraft story when he was 13 and went straight into the local bookstore to order a copy of the Necronomicon. Say no more. Axel is co-host of the German Lovecraftian podcast Arkham Insiders.

Koert (*1967)

Spoken Words

Markus "Koert" Küsters is a spoken word artist and actor working in his profession for more than 10 years. His field of work contains theatre, movies & audio productions. While residing in Berlin Koert has – due to profi equipment and close co-operations with a variety of sound studios – the possibility to produce audio productions in a short time and transfer them worldwide.

Great — but what next?

This website is a first introduction to the ARKHAM ANGST! project — be sure there's more to come. We are working on more sounds and illustrations, targeting 10 to 12 songs and the same number of illustrations. We want to combine the music with the artwork as one release and working out an optimal solution. Stay up to date and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Or get in contact via E-Mail: axel[at]weissweissweiss.de — Thanks for your attention.